Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Joining the Mozilla BrowserID Initiative

Have you ever had trouble remembering the login to one of your dozen or so online accounts?  Or have you ever had confusion over which user is logged into a given webmail or social network on a shared computer?

Mozilla Firefox is rolling out a new browser-based initiative to permit the storing of all IDs associated with one single login identity.  You can think of it as a single key to your online identities instead of a keychain of dozens of unique keys.  BrowserID will be even more secure than the complex conventional manner of site login management as the user will be able to centrally control all accounts associated with your personal online content.

Over the coming months I will have the privilege of working with their engineers to bring this platform to a broader audience through partnerships with leading browser,  email and social network providers across the web. 

BrowserID will enable you to toggle between professional and personal online accounts with ease and make it much simpler for families to be able to share computers without confusion resulting from users having different browser cookies for different signed in users across multiple web properties.  Like the BMW being able to identify its driver when he/she approaches, the Firefox browser with BrowserID enabled will be able to effortlessly escort you to your frequented websites without the typical confusion of multiple cryptic logins.

From the company that popularized browser-based advertisement controls and tabbed browsing, a new advancement in web technology is about to unfold.  Web surfing is about to get faster and friendlier.

Stay tuned as we roll out more exciting features of this product to a browser or website near you.

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